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We will list available babies as well as information about who is expecting on this page. If you don't see what you want, please phone, text, or email us for more specific inquiries about upcoming litters.

We sell all of our puppies as pets only with a spay/neuter agreement! 

Standard Color Pug Puppies start at $1500.

Chihuahua prices  start at $900.

     Pug Puppies Are Here!

Delilah X Oliver Born 

 Snowbelle X Simon
    Born 2/28/2022


At Pepper Ridge we really care about providing a very home like environment for the puppies! We raise them beside our bed and we hand care for them until its time for them to go to their new home. Here are some pictures of where they are raised.

Pug Babies are kept in a tiny kiddie pool in our bedroom. By three weeks they move to a larger pool.

Chihuahua Babies stay in a small box bed with their mom, inside of a playpen in our bedroom.

Puppies move to their big playpen in the great room at between five to six weeks.

   Freckles X Jon
  Born 3/4/2022 

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